Wednesday’s Woman

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So as promised here it is, my first weekly feature of ‘Wednesday’s Woman.’  In these features I highlight women from different walks of life living their journey and fulfilling their dreams.  This week Beth Johnson tells us a little about her journey.  I hope you are inspired and encouraged to live your dream, embrace your journey and know you are worthy and capable.

Beth using clay as a child





Name: Beth Johnson

How old are you? 22
What do you do?

I am a Designer/Maker. I currently design ceramic tableware which I make in my studio. I am self-employed and my only employee, so I see everything through from start to finish. This includes designing, making, marketing, selling and all administration.

Why and how did you start Beth Johnson Ceramics?


My mother, Sonya, is a self-employed music teacher and works from home. Growing up with a self-employed mum and seeing firsthand how it’s possible to make money without working for somebody else and ultimately doing something that you enjoy, was probably one of the biggest influences on me and my decision to start up my own business.

I was introduced to clay as a child by my late Grandmother, who had been an amateur potter herself; so I treasure my ceramics as they are a tribute to her memory and finally, I enjoy it.


I am lucky enough to be able to run the majority of my business from home. I created a website and began establishing my online presence, using social media as a valuable networking tool. I also take part in shows where I can sell directly to the customer; the most recent being the Home Is In The North interiors show in Manchester. In the near future my products will be available to buy online and have the potential to be sold in shops.

What advice would you give to inspire and encourage other women in their journey?

Discover what your dream is – I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life until about two years ago. I think it’s really important to be selfish for a moment while you listen to your own desires for your future and not the ones of those around you.

Don’t compare your aspirations to those of people around you. We are not designed to all do the same things, and their aspirations are no more important than yours.

Don’t be worried about what people might say and surround yourself with people that will encourage you. Often when I tell people that I’ve set up a business they are happy that I am doing something that I enjoy – they sometimes want that for themselves!

Lastly, as I said earlier, seeing my mum working for herself, doing something that she is good at has had an influence on my own aspirations. As a result, I think about the influence that I’d like to be on my own children – I hope that I will inspire them to live out their own dreams and know that it’s possible.beth


If you’d like to find out more about Beth Johnson Ceramics you can visit her blog or website.  You will be able to find links to all her social media pages also.

Thanks so much for reading and thank you Beth for inspiring us, until next time.

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