Become a Professional Tourist and Travel Entrepreneur


Have you always wanted to:

  • Travel the world and have peak experiences?
  • Give back and help children in poverty stricken nations such as Africa, Europe, South America and Asia?
  • Have your own business and work from home?
  • Have time and financial freedom to do what you really want to do?

Then if you are in Manchester, England on Wednesday 4th March come along to an event I’m hosting and I’ll show you how you can do all of the above and more.

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Leancia 🙂 x


I am so excited for this expedition, my first time going to Africa, I know it’s going to be life changing. I’m so excited to go and serve alongside the people of Uganda and be apart of the local community there for 15 days. Please consider sponsoring me, I have until the 7th May to reach my target, not long at all but I know I can do it with your help.  If you are not in the UK you can also donate by PayPal and the all monies go straight to the charity.

This is a journey that I know this woman (me), will return from changed FOREVER!!  You can donate on my giving page:


Thanks for your support 🙂

Leancia x

Ooops I did it AGAIN!

So, two weeks ago I took on the epic challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon, the highest point in England and Wales.  I knew that it was going to be difficult but I didn’t fathom how difficult.  I had spoken to a few friends who had told me they had done it when they were kids, and if I’m honest I thought, ‘it can’t be that bad then!’…It was that bad.

Anyway, in my post called ‘5’1 woman climbing Snowdon’ I explained the reason behind my climb which was to raise money for my mission trip to Uganda where I will be building a school for children in the area of Mbale.  I believe every child should have the opportunity of an education regardless of where they live or their social economic background.


The amazing views & me 🙂

As I was climbing there was more than one occasion that I literally wanted to quit and turn around, as we got closer to the top the conditions got worst and by the half way point I was exhausted and about ready to turn around or ask one of my team members to give me a piggy back lol.  Once I did reach the top, the sense of relief was incredible!! I was so proud of myself and the team for achieving such a great task for an awesome cause…to see children educated.  We couldn’t see much at the top as the cloud cover was very thick, however the views as we climbed were simply breath taking, all I could think was ‘God you are the best artist.’  To think that someone was so intentional about creating mountains, streams and lakes so beautifully and with such detail blew my mind (the pictures you see do not do justice to what we saw in reality).


Snowdon view

In hindsight I feel very thankful that I got to experience what I did with the people that I did; the team really made this climb bearable and fun.  I also realised how powerful the mind is; my body was telling me ‘you can’t do this anymore’ but my mind and spirit was telling me something totally different.  I had to keep my ‘why’ at the forefront of my mind as I climbed. Why was I putting myself through this? Because I have a value that says ‘make a difference in someone else’s life.’  It is occasions and moments like these that I reflect on my life and realise what really matters, that I’m living my life for a purpose bigger than myself.  There is a brilliant song by William McDowell that says: “My life is not my own, to you I belong I give myself, I give myself away…”  This is a great reminder to me, that in everything I do I do for the purpose and pleasure of Jesus and people are his pleasure.  So even though I could barely walk and pretty much every inch of my body hurt, the pain is the physical and outward display of an adventure, goal and mountain (literally), that I met and conquered. I did it again. What? I set myself a goal and beat it!

Thank you to every single person that has encouraged me, showed support and sponsored me. I know I keep saying it but truly, I couldn’t be more grateful.  It means so much to have people in my life that practically demonstrate belief in my dreams and passions. Your generosity is overwhelming.


The team at the top of Mount Snowdon

I leave for Uganda on the 14th May for 15 days, I still have quite a bit to raise but I am very hopeful I can meet and even beat my target.  The full amount for my trip needs to be paid by the 7th May so if you would like to donate please go to my giving page: All monies go straight to the charity and there is also an option to donate via PayPal.

So yes, I did it again I set myself a goal and I achieved it…whoop! Here is a short video of the climb for your entertainment, hope you enjoy it 🙂

Once again…thank you for your support.

Leancia x